Copyright is important intellectual property rights of the business entities, artists and creative peoples. Paintings, Drawings, Concepts, Literature, Website, Software, Mobile Applications, Games, Business Ideas, Photos, Documentaries, Films, Videos, TV Program Concepts, Songs, Poems, Lyrics, Books, Dramas etc. original works are protected under copyright law .

In India, Copyrights are protected under Copyright Act, 1957. Copyright is a bundle of rights given by the law to the creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and the producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings

Copyright Registration enables author & owner to file a suit under Civil Procedure Code and also complaint under criminal procedure code against the person for the copyright infringement.

Required Documents:-

  • Form XIV
  • Form of Authorisation of an agent
  • NOC of the Author if filing through different owner
  • Copy of works in triplicate

Copyright application filing – Diary Number – Examination – Objections if any – Compliance – Re-examinations – Accepted/Rejected – if Accepted Certificate issued

Copyright filing- 4-5 working days
Copyright registration-Max 12 Months

After receiving registration certificate one can use ® symbol on its works.