The Design is important intellectual property right of the business entities, engineers and scientist. Bottle design, Container Design, Machine Design, Product Design, Design Stand etc. are protected under design law .

In India, Designs are protected under Design Act, 2000. The shape and size of the products are protected under design law.

Design Registration enables the owner  to file a suit under Civil Procedure Code and also complaint under criminal procedure code against the person for the design infringement.

Required Documents:-

  • Form 1
  • Form of Power of Attorney
  • Photos of the Product with different angles

Design application filing – Receipt – Formalities Check Pass – Examination – Objections if any – Compliance – Re-examinations – Accepted/Rejected – if Accepted Published – Certificate if not opposed

Design filing- 4-5 working days
Design registration-Max 2 Years

After receiving registration certificate one can use ® symbol on the Design.